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GitHub is now Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) authorized.

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Collaborate on code

<变量1>Code collaboration and review are built into the development process with GitHub. Share work, discuss changes, and get feedback in one place to write quality code.

On your servers or in the cloud

Run GitHub Enterprise on your servers as a virtual appliance, on AWS GovCloud<变量1> or Azure, or let us host the code for you on GitHub.com, whatever your security requires.

Foster innovation at your agency

GitHub enables you to easily accept, continuously test, and rapidly deploy new ideas to build better software, faster.

Software built your way

<变量1>Integrate third party tools, from project management to continuous integration, to build software in the way that works best for your agency.

InnerSource inside your agency

Build your agency’s software the way open source maintainers build theirs. Transparency and code reuse can help your team build better code.

Enterprise controls that agencies need

Encourage teams to work together while providing essential controls for employees and contractors alike using organizations and LDAP or CAS.

Public engagement, developer community

Engage with more than 40 million developers using GitHub. Publish open source software on GitHub.com. Onboard, train, and recruit developers with ease.

Skip the paperwork

GitHub.com's terms of service are approved by the GSA and most plans fall below the micro-purchase threshold. Purchase GitHub Enterprise with major government acquisition schedules.

More than just code

Agencies use GitHub to engage developers and collaborate with the public on open source, open data and open government efforts. GitHub even renders common formats like , , , and Jupyter Notebooks.

Open Source

The UK Government launched GOV.UK with a pull request

Open Data

CFPB builds data visualizations and analysis tools with GitHub

Open Government

Find the US government’s open source projects at

Join the Revolution

Join the thousands of government organizations around the world who collaborate on code, data, policy, and more. See the rest of the GitHub government community.

Get started today

Create a free account to get started with GitHub. Contact us<变量1> to learn more about hosting your own GitHub instance.

Sign up for an account

for an individual GitHub account for free.

<变量1>If you have a personal GitHub account, simply your government email.

Create an organization

An organization is your official presence on GitHub. after you log in. Open source projects stay free.

Prefer to host your own GitHub instance? Contact us or to get started.

Join the Peer Group

Join the of government employees using GitHub to share best practices for software collaboration.

You will have access once the government email associated with your account is verified.

Learn More

Browse GitHub training resources at .

Contact training@github.com to bring GitHub training to your team.

Talk to a human

Email fpkfn.com<变量1> to talk to GitHub's government team.

in the government community to get feedback from other GitHub users in government.